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SOBEK Round Tour

10 Days Fully guided private Cultural Tour – Pyramids, Temples & luxurious Nile cruise
Day of arrival Friday - departure Sunday

Delight in Egypt's hospitality, its most prized historic treasures and a relaxing cruise.

Our SOBEK Tour offers a rich cultural journey into the glory of ancient Egypt. You see the Great Pyramids and the Museum in Cairo as well as the beautiful ancient temples along the Nile during a four-day luxury cruise. Enjoy a lovely combination of guided excursions and relaxation.

The tour starts with an extensive visit to the impressive Great Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos, the Valley Temple and the mysterious guardian of the pyramids, the Sphinx. You have the option to visit the museum exhibiting the excavated solar boat of the pharaoh.

A domestic flight takes you to the beautiful small town Aswan in southern Egypt, which is the starting point of your four-day cruise on the Nile. During the cruise, you visit the following highlights under the expert guidance of an Egyptologist:

  • On the Aglika island you will find the magnificent temple complex of the mother goddess Isis.
  • A large obelisk, still connected to the bedrock, provides insight into how the obelisks were made. The question arises how the ancient Egyptians could transport and erect these huge obelisks.
  • During a relaxing sailing trip in a traditional felucca you visit the island with tropical gardens of Lord Kitchener.
  • The cruise boat sails to the Temple of Kom Ombo which was dedicated to Sobek the crocodile god and Horus the Elder. A Nile Meter and a small temple with mummified crocodiles are part of the temple complex.
  • In Edfu you visit the best preserved temple of ancient Egypt, the great temple of the falcon god Horus.
  • On the eastern bank of the Nile in Luxor are the temples dedicated to the gods. Here you can wander through the great temple of Luxor and the temple complex of Karnak.
  • Hidden in the desert mountains on the western bank of the Nile you find the Valley of the Kings. You also visit the magnificent temple of queen Hatshepsut.

Both in Aswan and Luxor are days free at leisure. This allows you to visit the lovely Nubian Museum in Aswan and the temples of Ramses II in Abu Simbel. In Luxor, the Luxor Museum exhibits exquisite statues of pharaohs and gods, and a small Mummification Museum can be found on the Nile Boulevard.

A visit of the world famous Museum of Antiquities awaits you after you have returned to Cairo. The museum boasts the finest pieces of art from Pharaonic times, including the golden mask of Tutanchamun. To end your Egypt tour there will be ample time to purchase some nice souvenirs while strolling through the historic Oriental bazaar Khan el Khalili.

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Price per person

May - October
1170 Euro Double Room
1420 Euro Single Room
885 Euro Child 6-12 yrs.
680 Euro Child 2-6 yrs.

October - May

1275 Euro Double Room
1560 Euro Single Room
920 Euro Child 6-12 yrs.
680 Euro Child 2-6 yrs.

Chrismas & Easter period
1445 Euro Double Room
1820 Euro Single Room
965 Euro Child 6-12 yrs.
680 Euro Child 2-6 yrs.


Including entrancefees, transfers and English speaking Egyptologist guide


Day of arrival: Friday
Day of departure: Sunday

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