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TESTIMONIALS of Travel Experiences with Ancient Egypt Tours

With a staff with more than 20 years of experience in organizing first class tours we make your vacation a once in a lifetime event.
Please take a moment to read the feed-back our clients wrote (about) us.

We are back from our dream vacation in Egypt, it really was all that we expected. And more than that! Although we could not get used to the chaos and bustle of Cairo, luckily this all changed dramatically after we went to Aswan and Luxor. It became more and more the Egypt that we expected. So fortunately the travel schedule worked out well! Our guide in Cairo, Rasha was very friendly, humorous and fun. We appreciate her giving us time and space to be on our own both at the pyramids and the museum.

I want to express our deep appreciation for our guide in Aswan en Luxor. Nadeem really was the perfect guide for us! He knows a lot, and showed lots of patience and love, also for Noah who, at 4 years old, obviously set our pace. Nadeem adapted himself to my son and very well took him into account. If in the future we would go back, I'd certainly would like him to be our guide again and would certainly recommend him to other groups! He made travelling light by being very supportive and he made sure we had a dream vacation. He also dealt with the local people in the temple of Karnak, so that despite the fencing and the excavations we had the opportunity to visit the Temple of Sekhmet! Obviously it was a very special experience to be there.

The people on the m/s Giselle were also extremely friendly and at the last day made a special chocolate dessert for Noah! How sweet!

Thanks again for the good care and I would definitely recommend you to others. I shortly will sort out a nice picture and send it to you.

Warm greetings from the cold Netherlands.


Just wanted to thank you, Mohammed and Omar (and Heba and Usama) for a wonderful time in Egypt. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed it. Mohammed (and Omar) let us into their world and let us see not just the typical tourist side of things, but also the more intimate, friendly side. We felt warm and safe. I consider them friends, and I hope they do too.

We will be back when we can. Inshallah.

Ayla wants to say a special thanks. She loves Egypt, and wants to live there.

I'll be happy to write a letter of recommendation for you to use on your site for references.

Thanks again for making Egypt part of our life. We will recommend you to our friends.

Kimber, Afif, Ayla (USA)

It's too much to remember all that I have seen. A lot of variety, which gave me a good impression of the people, the culture - the land. Mohamed is fantastic as organizer and driver. Gerda fills in the details and oversees the bigger picture. Both were totally part of the group. The hand-outs received during the tour gave enough information, which was useful because it's a different culture and one (I) not easily detect everything when visiting for the first time. I had vacation. Did not have to take care of anything. Very nice. I met with the Old & Modern Egypt. The program offered enough variety, so I was completely satisfied. (Good food + hotels + information + sites) The program is balanced. My sincere thanks. This tour was an incredible experience."

Love, Thea

The program was excellent and the guiding could not be better. Easy adaptations, beautiful surprises, sweet people, beautiful serene moments. Big kiss and I will come again. Joan

The safari with our guide Achmed was a memorable and very impressive experience. Achmed was a very good guide... quiet ... friendly.. a profound person... He gave us excellent support with climbing through the canyons. Sitting on a camel's back .. the silence .. all you hear is the shuffling of the guide's feet, walking in a seemingly striding way.. looking for Bedouins or oasis... thinking you spot something and then, it's not there.. the nomads and their way of living in the endless desert.. it was like being on an other planet.

Moreover, very good organized. This is how we look back to our journey.
Anita & Marleen

The resort was excellent, well located, pleasant service. The program was fascinating on many unexpected levels. The guidance was very enjoyable, informative and supportive. Unbeatable. We have visited highlights and lesser known places and I absolutely did not feel like a tourist, I felt like a guest. A very rewarding trip. Thank you!


Hotel: It was very safe. The two times I got lost, there always appeared someone out of a shadow saying, "ma'am, can I help you?" "Well, please! Many thanks. "

Itinerary: beautiful the way it could be adapted. Nicely alternated: quiet and active, and vice versa.

Tour leaders: how many superlatives would you like to read?

About the program: for me it was sufficient. If you're there for the first time, you anyway get enough information to digest. It is also very nice to let things happen spontaneously. No pressure. Love Cleo

An unforgettable week Cairo. Both the 'spiritual' side and the experience of daily life were impressive. Gerda is the ideal guide for me: vivacious and very caring combined in one person. Years of experience are noticeable. Mohamed makes traveling very comfortable, it makes me feel safe to also be accompanied by him. He knows a lot, is cheerful and friendly and very helpful. Gerda & Mohamed: a great team!

It is the 'once in a lifetime'experience which tastes for more .... the tour continues inside of me and most importantly, the warmth and opening up of my heart. So many friendly people.

Dear Gerda: many kisses for you and it's so nice to know you! Such a loving mother of the kittens .....


I would like to thank you for the wonderful week.

Thanks to your knowledge and organization it really was perfect.

I enjoyed your knowledge of the Egyptian culture, but also your incredible knowledge with regard to the gods of ancient Egypt. You're an inspiration for me!

The enthusiasm, the "last minute adjustments," mastering the language, the fond of laughing and cheerful nature of Muhammad added to this being a memorable journey.

It was good to be with you and Muhammad and the Bedouins in the desert. It felt safe on a camel, but even safer with you at my side!

Once again many thanks and I hope to meet you soon again.

Big kiss, Claudia

Now, that everything has settled a bit, I want to express my huge thankfulness for your part in the success of the Egypt trip. We had a nice group of people, interesting, and we could get along with eachother very well. Nice that we could enjoy your experience and knowledge and contact with the local people. We received lots of information from different angles, it still resonates in my head. Yes, it was wonderful to be in Egypt. The country has a special place in my heart.


We had a great time. Beautiful weather, beautiful hotel and the service was very good. Thank you for your mediation. The two of us together would like to visit Cairo again and / or Luxor (without kids) so will probably get back to you again!


Well ........ for us the tour is over. It was exactly as you said. The four of us got, each in our own way, a good impression of Egypt's historical treasures and we got a glance of everyday life.

Roan was very impressed by the treasures found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, and the giant building blocks and methods of building the pyramids, but was very happy ending the journey with us staying at the Red Sea (swimming pool!).

Josca had a great admiration for Hatshepsut and her quirky character. (Because she was men's clothing). She recognized many names of the pharaohs and gods of a report that she has made at school.

Arnoud and I would have liked to go back in time. We experienced the temple complex of Karnak as quite overwhelming. What an atmosphere! In the quiet parts there is a very mystical atmosphere and images of ancient times come up very strong.

Would you give our warm greetings to Mohamed. Even though we were with him only for a short time, he made a special impression on us. Everything was well organized in Cairo.

We have fond memories of Omar, especially the kids. They are still repeating his sayings: All right - everything is wonderful - everything fatcool - etc.

I think the Egyptians are very friendly, I did not know they were so talkative, the staff at the hotels were always in for a chat. The vendors in the vicinity of the pyramids and temples were sometimes intrusive, but not aggressive, which sometimes happens.

Gerda, thank you very much for everything, good luck with your travels, the website is under my "favorites".

Even though we have not been drinking the water of the Nile, we definitely come back.

Love, Arnoud, Annette, Roan and Josca

Thanks for arranging our time in Egypt. We had a great time. It was a bit hot for us but by going out to see the sites in the mornings and the evenings and spending the afternoons at the pool we did fine. The kids especially enjoyed the pool at the hotel in Luxor. All of our guides were very good. Our guides in Cairo and at Saqquara were particularly knowledgable. Omar was worried his english wasn't good enough but we had no trouble understanding him. A few of our friends and family were worried about our safety in Egypt but it was never an issue for us. We felt safe the entire time and never felt we had to worry about the children. Everyone was very friendly and helpful with the kids, even carrying Nick when he was getting hot and tired. We would like to come back to Egypt some time (preferably when it is not quite so hot!) and have a chance to see places like Aswan, Alexandria, and the Red Sea that we didn't have time for this trip. We will definately use Ancient Egypt Tours again. Our friends Deb and Kyle are planning a similar trip and we have already talked to them about you. They may not have quite as much time as we did but it will not be so hot so they may be able to fit in more sightseeing and less time at the pool than we were.

Here are a few photos from our trip. You are welcome to use any of them on your website if you wish. Also, feel free to have other families contact us if they need a reference or just have questions about what to expect when traveling with kids in Cairo and Luxor. I don't know if you remember but you gave me the e-mail addresses for Kimber and Annette when we were first planning our trip. Corresponding with them was very helpful in planning our itinerary and in knowing what to expect. We would be glad to do the same for another family.

Take care, Beth (USA)

A rose for you! With your and Mohamed's support, Egypt became an even more exceptional pleasant experience! All the best and much love! Mia

It was a wonderful trip, I've enjoyed it. It was wonderful to see how everyone enjoyed Egypt, each in their own way. Thank you for the talks, the rituals, arranging, teasing, and everything else. It will be a beautiful memory for everyone. When we got home, my dad surprized us with a delicious meal he made for us, it took him hours to prepare. With tears in his eyes, he said that he was so happy that my mother had enjoyed herself so much. Coco and Bonnie went to France the next day. I am so happy that they could participate, it has done them well. David now is sailing in the rain. Yes we're back. Dear Gerda, thank you for everything, we'll mail, hear, see eachother again, Bonnie

We had a fantastic trip. Thank you for the excellent organization. We certainly have to come back to Egypt and we will definitely recommend your organization to friends / acquaintances who want to make a trip to Egypt.

Mena House Cairo: Great hotel. Location, rooms, facilities, breakfast, service, all great!

Movenpick Jolie Ville, Luxor: Very comfortable, nice bungalows, beautiful gardens and swimming pools, beautiful location on the Nile, good facilities (transportation to Luxor, felluca sailing, drinks, restaurants, even a library!) Very nice to relax after a morning full with culture.

Pyramisa Isis Island Aswan: Also very good facilities and great location, service (besides of the buffet) on terraces and lounge and reception, however, could be better.

Nubian Sea, cruise on Lake Nasser: Excellent service, good food and very abundant, ultimate laziness!

JW Marriott Mirage, Cairo: Excellent hotel with so much luxury and leisure opportunities that we could only enjoy a little bit because of our short stay. Very nice that the hotel was so close to the airport, because we left early in the morning. For longer stays, we found the Cairo Mena House is more attractive: more atmosphere.


We had a nice journey with a lot of variety. Normally we organize our own trips, but we feel that for Egypt we have made the right decision choosing for this formula. It also was very nice for the children, although they do not (yet) understand the English language.

The organization was very good (all very well prepared). Thanks!


Here is our feedback. The holiday was a great pleasure. Beautiful country and friendly people. All in all a success and thanks for the organization.


Peace and Blessings,

Please forgive me for taking so long to write a note of thanks. Thank you doesn't seem adequate to express our appreciation of Mr. Mohamed. We had such a great time on December 2nd as he took us around Cairo. I only wish we could have spent more time. There is so much to see and learn. I wanted to say how much we enjoyed his interaction with our children. It is difficult for me to drive and answer their questions but he did so in CAIRO and with so much patience! I can't imagine waiting your whole life to see something and then having to do it amongst a rushed tour of 30+ people. Finding you all online was probably one of the best things to happen for our trip. There are so many reasons why we enjoyed our time with Mr. Mohamed, his stories, his explanations, his great smile, his love of life-family-God, his patience, his knowledge, his persistence (when we couldn't find the house for lunch!). I so enjoy meeting people with beautiful spirits, he is one of a handful I have had the privilege to know.

I pray that you all find much success in this life and in the hereafter.

May God always bless you and all that you do,


Jamilah, Kofi, Ayah, Mansur, Medinah and Sulaiman (UAE)

We just got back

wonderful holiday

nice guy mohammed

Good catch!

thanks for all the good care

greetings Jan and Saskia

My wife and I safely came back to NL after our week in Cairo. All the arrangements worked well and we had a fantastic week with Mr. Gebriel taking us to all the amazing places as per our programme.

Mohamed who was our guide not only does he have a great knowledge about the history of Egypt but also he is a fantastic, very nice and friendly person.


Giza – Pyramids Park Resort: This was our favorite hotel as it had more to do and increased options for dining. Sharif, Hotel Contact, was very kind and definitely went out of his way to make us feel comfortable. He made our experience at this hotel feel very personal; which we enjoyed tremendously. It was nice to sit out by the pool in the evenings and listen to music as well as enjoy the surroundings. The room overlooked a garden area which was a very nice choice.

Luxor – Jolie Ville Movenpick Resort: The location of the hotel is wonderful. The concept to create a resort environment along the Nile is a great idea. We enjoyed watching the cruise boats traversing along the Nile. The lizards that ran around everywhere were interesting to watch. They seemed to have no fear of humans. While Mike was sitting on the front porch, one of the groundskeepers brought him dates and limes from the trees. We were amazed at the size of the limes! This is a very beautiful resort.

The personnel at all the hotels were very accommodating and everyone seemed to genuinely appreciate our presence. We were always felt very comfortable at each hotel.

Interestingly, every single hotel had a wedding reception while we were there. We were surprised by the fact that we experienced a wedding at each location. This is apparently a common practice for hotels. We felt very fortunate that we were able to see some of the celebrations and enjoy the culture.

We were very pleased with the tour itinerary given the fact that we were in Egypt for such a short period of time. The depth and breadth of the itinerary was perfect for the time duration. We definitely were in "vacation mode" so did not want to have to plan our daily events, therefore, knowing that someone would simply pick us up each day in order to explore new locations and to experience new opportunities was awesome!

Mohamed and Omar were wonderful guides. We were very pleased with their knowledge relative to the areas that we visited. We learned very quickly that we should have taken the time to learn more about the areas that we were visiting before our trip, therefore, the knowledge that both Mohamed and Omar provided to us, amongst our numerous questions, was invaluable. We really enjoyed the guided tours of the temples that enabled us to learn much about the history of Egypt and its rich mythology.

Mohamed and Omar were always very accommodating to us. Mike and I felt very comfortable and relaxed with them. They are both an asset to your tour company.

We are both very thrilled with the tour. The best word to describe our experience is AMAZING. The trip opened our eyes to a new culture, beautiful architecture, historical discoveries, and kindhearted people. Egypt is a country that we will visit again in order to continue to explore the vast monuments and artifacts that are in abundance throughout the country.

We wish to extend a special thank you to you, Mohamed, and Omar, for our wonderful experience. While in Egypt we looked forward to each day as an opportunity for enrichment into our lives. The memories that we bring back with us will carry us a lifetime.

We are home and settled back into the daily activities of life. The gifts we purchased have been shared with family and friends. The photos have been downloaded and placed out for viewing. Thank you so much for providing the wonderful itinerary that allowed us to see so many things while we were on our trip. The information that we read on Egypt is so much more meaningful after having visited the area. Rather than buying post cards while we were on the trip, we opted to wait until we came back home and purchase a coffee table book that contained large scale photos of the sites. We have had much fun lingering for hours in the bookstores reviewing books on Egypt and reliving the experiences.

Thank you for everything. We will definitely recommend your services to others as they ask about our trip.

Mike and I wish each of you, and your families, the very best in life.

Mike & Kimberley (USA)

We are back home, with a lot of great memories and impressions in our backpack ... thank you all for having organized verything so well. We certainly hope to come back to your company again in the future. Muhammad promised that if he once comes to the Netherlands he will visit us ... we have invited him over (of course as our guest) in my bed and breakfast stay. We would appreciate it.

In all hotels well connected rooms. Service in Cairo was in fact extremely well! All were so nice people! Pyramids Park was great. We felt very at home and enjoyed. The last night at Le Meridien too, very chic, our girls thought that they could probably spot a princess ....

El Quesir Red Sea: beautiful location, nice hotel, only we found the food not so good .... they did include German Buffet with Sauerkraut, Sour Meat and Potatoes, which we not expect in Egypt. But we did have a great time. We also were pleasantly surprised by the small scale, it was not so massive.

You had compiled a program that was also easy to handle for the kids. In the evenings we always were tired of all the impressions. It was really fantastic. We really wanted to bring Muhammad with us to the Netherlands. What a sweet man! We have felt so safely and well cared for. And Hossam and Maha were extremely friendly, cheerful, flexible and above all they knew what they were talking about. In a fun way we learned a lot from them.

In just a couple of days we learned an incredible amount and got lots of impressions. The days were strenuous in Cairo, we feel we have seen a lot of both the (classical) culture and of everyday life in Cairo, which for us was important. Especially for children it was nice that we added a few days of relaxation at the Red Sea. The next time Luxor and a sailing trip on the Nile will be in our program ... Thanks for all the good care, you certainly made us a great holiday!

Jeroen, Britta & the girls

We had a fun and interesting journey in Egypt, with Muhammad and Kemal who told us much about Egypt.

Muhammad told us that you have recently been to the Sinai, and said that I could ask you if you could send me some pictures.

I think this is another interesting place to visit.

Greetings from Maureen

Here are some pictures, maybe you want to see / use them. It would be funny to see a picture of us on the website.

A super pretty impressive journey, good hotels (in el qusier Mike could not play in the sea, because of the sharp pebbles and in retrospect a resort in Hurgada would also have been good for us, also because of the distance from Luxor)

- Everybody was on time!

- For Mike, they were all nice.

- Cruise boat was very good

In a nutshell, we are very happy!

Michel, Monique & Mike

Meanwhile, we're already back for one week.

We really had a great holiday, thanks for all the good care.

The hotels were good and also the transfers.

In Cairo, Mohammed took us around town and that was really fun. I found it very unfortunate that we did not go to his brother's wedding. But because of my pregnancy this really was not possible. I was not sick or anything, but very tired and after you have strolled a whole day, a wedding during the evening, well that was just to much for me. And of course, the other day we went to see all sorts of sights. So you probably understand that it was very tiring for me.

Anyway Cairo was a great city to see. And we've had a good time with Mohammed.

Once again, thank you very much for taking good care and we will therefore recommend you to others! And best wishes from us to Mohammed!

Greetings Erik and Patricia

We would like to thank you and Mohamed so very much for the wonderful holiday we had in Cairo. We had a great time and would not hesitate to return to Egypt again.

Best regards, Nora & Rick (Australia)

I didn't find the time yet to send you an email although I want you to know that Helen and I have had a fantastic holiday in Egypt. Thanks again so much for everything.

Sincerely, Rick

Just a quick note to thank you for organising our Egypt tour. We had an enjoyable time. Mr Mohammed Gabriel was a good driver in Cairo, but his version of the history of the pyramids was a little unorthodox. Omar was very helpful in Luxor. The guide, Mohamed, in Luxor and Aswan was very informative and helpful. Through no fault of his, we were unable to go the Philae Island (too late for the ferry by 15 minutes). However, we made it there thenext day, and Mohammed has explained it all the day before. So, we have no problems with that.

Just to let you know, Abu Simbel has a local guide included in the entrance fee. However, the quality seems to be very variable. Our English speaking guide could give the explanation, but was totally lost when we asked him questions, as if he didn't understand much English. It was a good thing that Mohamed had explained it to us also, before he left.

Thanks again for organising a lovely holiday.

With best wishes,

Mrs. Swan (Malaysia)

This journey was a fascinating one! Thank you for everything, it was nice the way you've organized it, I was very happy again with Said and Muhammad's help at the end of the tour.


We've enjoyed a very pleasant and exciting stay in Egypt - not the least thanks to your tips and help. For this of course we are very grateful.

Everything went smoothly.

Maritim Jolie Ville exceeded our expectations: a (literally and figuratively) island of luxury in one of the most beautiful sites imaginable. The trip to El Quseir was also excellent, first by bus to Quina and Hurghada, then by taxi to Safaga to the (excellent, also conveniently located) Flamenco Beach Resort, where we really enjoyed swimming in the (then quite dashing ) Red Sea. We also had enough opportunities to do things on our own.

In short: very successful, with the sun and pleasant temperatures as a bonus.

Arthur, Petra and Rogier (who was very impressed by Cairo / Khan el-Khalili / and Saqqara)

Barbara Noah Paula

Paula Nadeem Noah





Anita en Marleen2

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