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10 days Romance Tour: Blessings of the Gods

Whether it's Osiris and Isis, Horus and Hathor or Amun-Min and Mut, the charming gods and goddesses radiate love and blessings to you and your special one.

This romantic journey is designed to experience the true spirit of the Ancient Egyptian Culture and brings you to the most romantic sites of Ancient Egypt. Take as long as you like at the Temples of Timeless Love and enjoy the VIP luxury of Egypt's top quality hotels.

Let romance overwhelm you as you enter the Thousand-and-one Night hotel, the historic Mena House, located at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops. Surrounded by a classical Arabic interior you feel like a prince and princess in this fairy-tale former palace of a sultan.

You start the tour throug Ancient Egypt with visiting the great Pyramids. Your private guide arranges for you to go inside to the King's Chamber. The pyramid's energy reinforces every sincere declaration of love. Next you'll stand face-to-face with the mysterious Sphinx.
A wealth of treasures from the Pharaonic period are found in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

In Luxor, the ancient capital of Thebes, you'll stay in the majestic historical Old Winter Palace that is still in Victorian style or you can stay at Al Moudira, an exceptionally romantic hotel for people who want to enjoy an Arabian palace-like atmosphere.

You visit the magnificent temple of Queen Hatshepsut at dawn when the still deserted. As an Osiris, the queen, is staring across the valley to see the sun god Ra appear above the green banks of Nile. Feel free to join her. It is an unforgettable experience.
Of course you also visit the world famous Valley of the Kings. And for a special moment during this romantic journey you enter a charming temple of the love goddess Hathor and you see the most romantic reliefs from ancient Egypt in the Tombs of the Nobles.

Two enormous statues of the famous pharaoh Ramses II welcome you upon entering the great temple of Luxor. In this temple, the fertility god Amun-Min, Mut and their beloved child the moon god Khonsu were worshiped. A procession avenue lined with sphinxes linked the temple of Amun-Min to the temples of Karnak. If you walk on what's left of the Sphinx Avenue, you can still experience the glorious grandeur of ancient Egypt.
The temple-complex of Karnak has a holy lake, an impressive hypostyle hall, two obelisks and a giant scarab. The myth tells that by circeling the scarab 7 times your wishes will be fulfilled.

A ride through the green landscape brings you to one of the holiest sites of ancient Egypt, the Temple of Osiris at Abydos. This temple of extraordinary beauty is a true temple of love. The refined colored reliefs show the tender love between gods and goddesses and the pharaoh.
This romantic journey is not complete without a visit to the Temple of Hathor, the goddess of love, music, sensuality and fertility. The sky goddess Nut with a body covered with stars bends over you and in one of the chapels you find the famous zodiac.

A scenic ride along the Nile takes you to Aswan, the jewel of the Nile. En route you visit the temple of the falcon god Horus. Once a year the bark with the goddess Hathor sailed from her tempel at Dendera to the temple of Horus to unite with her lover. This' Feast of the beautiful meeting "resulted in the child Harsomtous.
You also visit the unique double temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Horus the elder.
At Aswan you stay at the elegant Victorian style Old Cataract hotel overlooking the Nile.

During a sunset sail on the Nile with an authentic ancient Egyptian sailboat, dinner will be served for you in a Nubian restaurant.
On the island of Aglika you visit the temple of the great goddess Isis. The sanctity of the temple on this beautiful island floating in the sapphire blue water can still be felt.
A boat takes you to an island with the temples of Kalabsha. The temples are dedicated to the god Mandulis, the Nubian form of Horus and the goddess Anuket, the Nubian form of Isis. The view from the roof is stunning. Because this little island is hardly ever visited, you will probably be there alone. A lovely place

Enjoy the gift of everlasting love from the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

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Price per person from

2240 Euro shared Double Room



  • Cairo/Luxor & Aswan/Cairo
  • Round transfer Cairo airport/hotel
  • Transfer Luxor airport/hotel
  • Transfer Luxor/Aswan
  • Transfer Aswan hotel/airport

Including transfers, entrancefees, Egyptologist guide

Optional excursion: Temples of Abu Simbel


  • Assistance and service of English speaking (or other language) private guide throughout
  • Meet & greet upon arrival at the airport
  • Luggage handling airport / hotels
  • Air-conditioned transport
  • Taxes


This private tour can be altered to your preferences and budget.

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