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Romantic Luxurious Nile Cruise – 8 days

Just imagine, a clean desert breeze blowing against your face, picturesque villages and dramatic desert mountain scenes pass you by as you gently sail to reach the next temple along the Nile. This romantic cruise is all about beauty, comfort and above all else, enjoying ancient Egypt and eachother.

The crew welcomes you aboard at the ancient temple city of Luxor. Pamper yourself for 8 days on a luxurious cruise boat with all amenities. For each meal, a team of top-chefs prepares a rich buffet with freshly prepared delicacies. While enjoying a drink on the sun deck with swimming pool you can see the swaying palms along the Nile glide by... children waving at the passengers on the boat... "Welcome to Egypt".

During the cruise you visit the magnificent temples of gods from Pharaonic times. You see the following highlights:

  • In Luxor, ancient Thebes, you visit the Temple of Luxor, where the fertility god Amun-Min, his wife Mut and their beautiful child, the moon god Khonsu, were worshiped. This temple was connected  by a processional avenue lined with Sphinxes with the temples of Karnak. Let yourself be overwhelmed by Karnak's huge columns and obelisks. Legend says that if you circle the giant scarab near the holy lake seven times, your wishes for good luck will definitely come true.
  • Hidden in the desert mountains on the west bank of the Nile you find the world famous Valley of the Kings. You also visit the magnificent temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a masterpiece of architecture. Next to the main temple is a small temple to the love goddess Hathor.
  • In the temple of Edfu, the young falcon god Horus was worshiped. The walls of this temple are peppered with reliefs including a depiction of the Feast of the Beautiful Meeting, the annual reunion of the god Horus and his consort Hathor, the goddess of love.
  • High on the bank, overlooking the river Nile stands the double temple dedicated to two ancient gods: The crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Horus the Elder.
  • In Aswan, in the south of Egypt, the Nile is at its best, with large and small rock islands, green shores, tropical gardens and numerous felucca's sailing through the sapphire blue water. Here you visit the temple of the great goddess Isis on the island Agilkia. The sanctity of this temple can still be felt on this beautiful island that floats like a precious juwel in a lake of royal blue. You also see a giant unfinished obelisk that was left behind by the stone masons and is till connected to the pink granite rock. If this obelisk had been completed, this would be the heaviest human made single stone object in the world.
  • You sail in a felucca, an ancient Egyptian sailboat, on the Nile to an island full of tropical flowers and trees with shaded trails.
  • In the pitoresque city Aswan you'll have plenty of time to wander over the Nubian market where the best herbs and spices can be found, visit the interesting Nubian Museum or a Nubian village on Elephantine Island.
  • As an optional excursion, you can fly to Abu Simbel with the huge rock-carved temples carved of Ramses II and his beloved wife Nefertari.
A romantic luxury cruise and the blessing of ancient Egyptian gods is one of the most valuable celebrations of love.

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Price per person from

675 Euro shared Double Room
245 Euro Single Room Supplement
560 Euro Child 6-12 yrs


7 nights / 8 days on 5* Cruise Boat full board

Including entrancefees, transfers and English speaking Egyptologist guide

Optional excursion to Abu Simbel


  • Meet & greet upon arrival at Luxor airport
  • Round transfer Luxor airport/cruiseboat
  • Local taxes


The cruise and excursion program starts in Luxor on Thursday & Friday.

Your tour can be extended with a beach holiday at the Red Sea coast. See our Hapi Tours.


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