Desert Camp and care for the environment

During the Safari you get an orientation of the fragile ecosystem of the desert and learn about the simplistic life in it's purest form.

The location of camp is altered each trip to avoid damaging the area and surrounding terrain. Our trips tend to stay away from areas of mass tourism.

All Desert trips cover at least one Desert Dwelling Bedouin family. The income generated from our visits helps these families to remain living in the Desert, as opposed to many who have left the Desert to earn an income in towns and villages.

Throughout our trips we aim to create an awareness of the culture & traditions. Young bedouin males are encouraged to recite folklore tales and play traditional musical instruments.

Interaction between our guests and local communities is very much encouraged. On a trip various aspects of the indigenous tribe's daily livestyle are encouraged to participate in, such as breadmaking on the open fire and live stock handling. All meals are shared as a group and while visiting desert dwelling families, drinking tea with both the men and women gives great insight into their ancient traditions.

Desert Camps are basic. Blankets are provided, however you can also bring your own sleeping bag. Bottled water is reserved for drinking, while desalinated water from local towns is used for cooking and washing. The fire wood is taken from carpentry cut offs for the evening camp fire and cooking.