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AL MOUDIRA 5* deluxe hotel - Luxor

Imagine an Oriental Palace...
... archways and galleries surrounding the courtyards beyond your bedroom walls
... each room is as spacious as a Throne Room, the beds grand enough for royalty
... the wall are decorated with frescoes
... every bathroom is as vast as a Hammam
... long sofas casually covered with kilims

... outside, there are the enclosed gardens with fountains and terraces, beyond them, wild flowers
... the rich sent of citrus fruits in bloom, the perfume of henna and jasmine float into your window
... roses and bougainvillea intertwine the central fountain
... the soothing water in a hot landscape punctuates your dreams
... the swimming pool reflects the sky

Imagine savoring the finest dishes and cocktails in a place which stimulates the eyes and the palate

Imagine you are on the banks of the Eternal River with green pastures on the side and desert on the other. The Royal Garden of Imhotep III once stood next door, the temples of Habou and Ramses the Great lie not far off... that you are in Thebes

Discover and fully enjoy the magic of the Arabian Nights in AL MOUDIRA, one of the most Romantic hotels of the world.

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Each of the 54 rooms create a vast area of relaxation and rest. Each of them, over 50 square meters, has a small lounge and an office area, enclosed by four-meters-high ceilings. Each room is uniquely decorated and has a unique atmosphere of exceptional elegance. All the suites have air conditioning, telephone, satellite television and mini bar.

Deluxe room: with canopy bed
Luxury Suite: with marble fountain, private terrace, large canopy bed, hammam style bathroom
Junior Suite: large canopy bed, large bathroom
Family Suite: 2 connected rooms, each with its own bathroom


Breakfast is served on one of the terraces or in the dining room.
Diner is served in the Italian-Ottoman style dining room.
Snacks and drinks are served at the pool-bar or in the shady courtyard.

For you wellness Al Moudira offers massages with Egyptian oils, Turkish Baths, Solarium and a Swimming Pool.

Al Moudira is located on the West Bank of the Nile, tucked away in the desert mountains, yet yet only a short ride away from the Luxor's antiquity sights.

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