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HOT SPRING hotel 3* in Bahariya Oasis

The Hot Spring Hotel is located in Bahariya Oasis, 365 kms from Cairo, in Egypt's Western Desert.

As well as its own Hot Spring, the hotel offers comfortable facilities including Gym, Sauna, Massage, and sunny Roof Terrace. The tranquillity and climate of the desert guarantee a restful stay during the season from September to May.

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All ensuite rooms are equipped with electric heaters in winter and fans in summer. The 16 garden chalets nestling at the foot of the Black Mountain are equipped with TV and minibar. These rooms can be used as Triple or Family rooms.
The 28 rooms in the main building are located around the Hot Spring.
Some rooms have air-conditioning, and this should be requested on booking.

THE HOT SPRING is in the courtyard of the reception area. The water rises from its source 1,200m underground at a temperature of 45º C. The oasis depends on such wells.
The pool is refilled daily. The water cools down during the afternoon, so that the best time for bathing is after sunset.
The water is a reddish colour owing to the high iron content, but it is very pure for drinking and can be used to treat rheumatism and arthritis as well as skin problems. To soak in the spa is to experience the essence of the oasis, and is a wonderful way to relax.

THE RESTAURANT offers simple oriental dishes prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients from the local oasis market.
Set Dinner Menu: Soup and Salad; Main dish with Chicken or Meat; Fruit of the Season. Open Buffet on request only.

THE BEDOUIN TENT is open on request only. If local musicians are playing at night, this will be announced at reception. There is no extra charge for evening gatherings. The tent can seat up to 80 people and can be used for meetings and seminars.

PETER'S BAR is located on the path to the Black Mountain steps and is open daily during the season. The only licensed bar in the Western Desert, it is worth visiting for its cosy atmosphere and local architectural style.
The bar features Happy Hour; Shisha (Water pipe-available at outside tables only); Swab Library; Bahariya Bedouin Tea; and Fresh Juice of the Season.

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