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9 Day Tour: Old Cairo, Bahariya Oasis, White Desert Safari

Experience medieval Cairo and the silence of the desert

From your comfortable hotel, you visit with an Egyptologist the thousands of years old Pyramids and the nearby Sphinx up close. It continues to amaze us how the Egyptians built these timeless masterpieces of antiquity. Also on this days program, is a visit to the interesting necropolis of Saqqara with the Step Pyramid of pharaoh Djoser. An other day is reserved to explore the old part of Cairo, including a visit to the Egyptian Museum, some old Coptic churches and the medieval Islamic part of Cairo with the 14th century Oriental bazaar.

A ride through the endless desert plains will take you to the lovely green oasis of Bahariya where time seems to stand still. Donkeys and goats are walking freely and men smoke a watterpipe in the local coffee house or have a nap on the couch in front of their house. These desert dwellers hardly know anything about stress and time management. A high priority is hospitality for everyone and tea is ready. Bedouin women of the oasis still dress in traditional ways.

Accompanied by experienced Bedouin desert guides you drive by jeep to the point where the camels are waiting. Your own camel takes you through the beautiful desert landscape. One or more jeeps with supplies drive to the stopping places. Those who prefer to go by jeep instead of riding a camel can join the suppliers.
You see the Black Desert with volcanic mountains; Agabat, a small valley with incredible rock formations and the Crystal Desert rock formations that consist entirely of sparkling quartz crystals. In the White Desert with wind eroded limestone formations, camp will be set up for the night. The Bedouins prepare fresh meals on an open fire and as very talented musicians, they sing their compelling songs while you sit together around the campfire.
Under a blanket of twinkling stars, you slumber off to sleep, dreaming of a vast desert, gazelles and camels.

Before driving back to Cairo, you see the Golden Mummies in Bahariya and visit the temple of Alexander the Great.

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Included in the 9-day Tour with Safari:



  • Airport / Pyramids Park Resort
  • Pyramids Park Resort / Hotel Bahariya
  • Jeep ride to the desert from Bahariya hotel and vice versa
  • Hotel Bahariya / Cairo hotel near airport

Including transfers, entrance fees

The Safari includes:

  • 3 days Camel Safari in the Western Desert
  • Desert guide, camels & cameleers
  • Desert Camp
  • Permits


Day of Arrival: Saturday
Weekly from October to May

We can provide this tour also as a private tour

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