Temple of Osiris in Abydos

One of the holiest cities of Ancient Egypt and the main cult place of Osiris, the god of the dead and rebirth, was Abydos where the head of Osiris was supposed to be buried. Therefore Abydos was an important site of pilgrimage and even now you can still consider it a privilege to visit Abydos. Pharaoh Seti I constructed part of the temple, which was completed by his son Ramses II.

The temple is a true Temple Of Love. The refined artwork of the colorful reliefs in the seven sacred chapels is of outstanding beauty, many of them showing the tender love between the Gods and Goddesses and the Pharaoh.
A famous feature of the temple is the “List of Kings”, consisting of a long series of names in cartouches of the royal ancestors of Seti I ever since the beginning of Egyptian monarchy.

Right behind the temple of Seti I is an even older temple, the Osireion, built with enormous massive granite blocks.

A temple of Ramses II can be reached after a 10 minutes walk through the desert sand.

Tombs of the Nobles
Although there are 300 graves, only a few are well preserved. The tombs of Ramose, Sennufer and Nakht are worth a visit, showing beautiful reliefs of couples and lively coloured stories of everyday life, celebrations with music and dancing, various agricultural activities, fowling and fishing and the afterlife.