Alexandria Royal Jewellery Museum 

The Royal Jewellery Museum is housed in a mansion built for Muhammad Ali's granddaughter Princess Fatima el-Zaharaa. The museum houses an impressive collection of jewels belonging to the Muhammad Ali dynasty, whose rule started in 1805 and ended with the reign of Egypt's last monarch, King Farouk, in 1952.
A visit to the museum provides an exellent insight in the extreme richness of Egypt's royal class. Among the highlights are Muhammad Ali's diamond-inlaid snuffbox, King Farouk's gold chess-set, a platimum crown with 2159 diamonds, and his diamond-studded gardening tools.
The palace, surrounded by gardens, is in itself an architectural masterpiece and a pleasure to visit. With a surface area of 4,185 square meters, it is one of the biggest museums in Egypt.