Snorkeling and diving in and near Dahab

RodeZeeduikersDahab with its the warm seawater and colorful marine life is an attractive place for snorkeling and diving. Ask your guide or the dive center for advice regarding your safety, especially if you want to snorkel with children.

  • The Lighthouse is a great snorkeling spot that is centrally located in Dahab and easily accessible. It is a popular spot with an attractive reef.
  • The Eelgardens is a 10 minutes walk from The Lighthouse. The name Eelgarden comes from the large number of eels that live in sandy soil.
  • The Lagoon of Dahab is a great place for swimming with small children.
  • The Blue Hole is one of the most famous diving spots in the world and is located about 15 km north of Dahab. This underwater cave with steep walls is 100 meters deep and is a challenge for very experienced divers. But the Blue Hole is not just for divers. Surrounding the Blue Hole is a beautiful reef, teeming with life. It is a special experience to look over the edge into the infinite deep dark blue hole. A wonderful place to snorkel.
  • The Canyon is located near the Blue Hole and is accessible from the beach by snorkeling over the coral lagoon. This too is a beautiful spot, full of colorful reef fish.
  • Three Pools is located about 10 km south of Dahab. It consists of three towers attracting lots of coral reef life. The shallow reef makes this an attractive place for snorkelers and novice divers.