The Pyramids of Giza


They are big… really big. And they’re old, about 4500 years. Egypt boasts the only remaining of the ‘Seven Ancient Wonders of the World’: The Great Pyramid of pharaoh Cheops.

The pyramid towers at a staggering 481 feet (146,5 meter) and consists of approximately two million blocks of stone, each weighing more than two tonnes. Two times a day, visitors can climb into this incredible pyramid. A narrow passageway leads to the King and Queen’s Chamber.

Slightly smaller, but nevertheless impressive are the nearby Pyramids of Cheops’ son Chefren and grandson Mykerinos.

Along the southern face of the Great Pyramid is an exceptionally well-done museum showcasing an excavated “solar boat” which served for the pharaoh to make his daily journey with the sun across the sky.

A nice and certainly entertaining way to explore the area is either on horseback, by camel or with a horse-drawn carriage.