sakkarah_smllStep-Pyramid of king Djoser

At the necropolis of Saqqara you find the world’s oldest big still standing structure, the Step-Pyramid of King Djoser, which is part of a complex area of temples, chapels and courts. This first of all pyramids was originally planned as a mastaba and shows several stages of design before achieving its six-stepped form. To reach Djoser's pyramid you walk through the original doorway with an imitation palm-log ceiling and a corridor of papyrus-bundle columns which leads to a large court in front of the pyramid. A stone structure north of the pyramid, the Serdab, contains a statue of king Djoser gazing outwards to the stars. Close to the Serdab is the funery temple, from where offerings were presented.

King Djoser ruled during the 3rd dynasty of the Old Kingdom, 26 centuries BC. His pyramid was designed and constructed by king Djoser's vizier Imhotep who later became deified.