Oriental Bazaar Khan el Khalili

Cairo’s historic Oriental Khan el Khalili Bazaar dates back to the 14th century is an immense conglomeration of markets and shops offering gold, silver, brass work, leatherwork, belly-dance costumes etc. etc. Here you have a chance to use your bargain skills. Have a coffee or tea at Fishawi, a 200-year old coffeehouse, decorated with huge antique mirrors.

Popular items to take home as a souvenir are papyrus paintings, perfume oils and natural therapeutic oils, herbs and spices, incense such as myrrh, frankincense and amber, beautiful hand-woven carpets, hand-carved Oriental wooden ornaments, ancient Egyptian replicas. You will find an overwhelming amount of stunning gold jewellery sold by weight. If the vendor is close to the goldsmith, you might be invited to watch while your jewellery is custom made.

An inherent part of the purchasing experience at the market is some friendly haggling, which should be taken in good spirit.

Cairo also has fantastic shopping malls where you can find Egyptian and international merchandise at a low price. For exclusive and refined evening dresses we recommend the Arcania Mall, City Centre in the Nasr City district and nearby Citystars. Take your time to browse because most shops are open till late in the evening.