Sphinx1aAETThe Sphinx & the Valley Temple of pharaoh Chefren

For thousands of years, the mysterious Sphinx, standing as if to guard the Great Pyramids, greets the morning sun. A lion’s body and the head of a pharaoh – wisdom and strength in timeless symmetry. The Sphinx, skillfully carved from solid limestone, is some 65 feet (20 meter) high and 240 feet (73 meter) long.

In order to get close to the Sphinx, you walk through the Valley temple of pharaoh Chefren built of huge blocks of limestone and polished granite of Aswan.  The floor pavement is made of alabaster. It was here that the pharaoh's body was embalmed. There are 23 pits in the floor, each holding a statue of the pharaoh, probably in the image of the god Osiris