Pyramid of pharaoh Teti and the mastaba of Mereruka

reliefs_smllThe exterior of the Pyramid of pharaohTeti looks like a mount of rubble. However, if you take the effort to go down the sloping shaft and the low passageway, you will find that the interior of this pyramid is amazing. The walls are inscribed with Pyramid Texts and the ceiling is peppered with stars. The Pyramid Texts are rituals, prayers and hymns to protect and comfort the king in the afterlife. In the intact burial chamber you find Teti’s well-preserved basalt sarcophagus.

Opposite the Pyramid of Teti is the mastaba of Mereruka, pharaoh Teti’s highest official, overseer of priests. The mastaba covers an area of 1000 sq metres with 32 chambers of which 17 belong to Mereruka, while the other rooms are reserved for his wife, Princess Wahet-khet-hor, Teti’s daughter, and their eldest son Meri-teti. The exquisite reliefs show charming scenes of daily life.