Deir El-Medina, village of the tomb builders

Hidden in a narrow valley lived the artisans who built the royal tombs. Due to the secrecy of their work, the small community lived for generations in total isolation. They intermarried among themselves and taught their children their crafts. Since the workmen were qualified tomb builders and had access to first quality decorating materials, they prepared for themselves impressive decorated tombs. You can admire these extremely beautiful and colourful decorations in the tombs that belonged to Pashed and Paynedjem.
On the same site is a lovely temple for the goddess Hathor, built in the Graeco-Roman period, long after the village was deserted.

Tombs of the Nobles

Although there are 300 graves, only a few are well preserved. The tombs of Ramose, Sennufer and Nakht are worth a visit, showing beautiful reliefs of couples and lively coloured stories of everyday life, celebrations with music and dancing, various agricultural activities, fowling and fishing and the afterlife.