The temple of Luxor is at the heart of ancient Thebes, along the eastern bank of the Nile. The temple is dedicated to the triad Amun-Min, Mut and Khonsu. Two enormous statues of Ramses II greet the visitor before entering the temple, which was originally built by pharaoh Amenophis III. The pylons at the entrance show Ramses II’s victorious campaigns, while the inner walls feature details of the lives of the pharaohs.
Evidence of the temple once being used as a Christian church can be seen on colorful murals, and immediate left of the entrance is the mosque of Abu El Haggag, which makes this site an ongoing place of worship.
A 2 km Avenue of Ram-headed Sphinxes connected the Temple of Luxor with the Temples of Karnak. Walking on what remains of the avenue it is easy to grasp its glory during the time of the ancient Egyptians.