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RodeZeeduikers The Red Sea

Within a period of just under 20 years, the Red Sea coast has become a popular destination for its summer weather and warm sea water all year round with a vast array of water sports but above all, the unprecedented coral reefs and marine life.
All along the Red Sea coastline are numerous bays and reefs with breathtaking corals. Extremely beautiful are the protected national marine parks.
Almost Egypt’s entire coastline is a protectorate.
Hurghada which is located on Egypt’s mainland coast has an international airport and is only a few hours away with direct flights from most European countries. Hurghada is connected with regular domestic flights from Egypt’s main cities.

iwanboot2AETEgypt’s mainland Red Sea coast

Formerly an isolated, modest fishing village, Hurghada has become a major tourist destination with accommodation ranging from luxury hotels with private beaches to cheap and simple hotels.
Hurghada has an international airport and is only a few hours away with direct charter flights from most European countries. Regular domestic flights connect Hurghada with Egypt’s main airports.
From Cairo it is about 6 hours drive.

Far from the mainstream tourist area, the Soma Bay Peninsula, 45 kilometers south of Hurghada, offers some excellent five star resorts with their own private beaches, an 18-hole Championship link golf course designed by Gary Player, a Thalasso wellness center besides of its golden beaches and superb water sport facilities. Soma Bay’s house reefs as well as the coral reefs just a short boat trip away, provide easy access to enjoy the abundant marine life and impressive coral formations.

The little port town of Al-Quseir is an interesting place. Its history goes back to Pharaonic times, when boats were sailing from here to Punt. Al-Quseir has a charming sleepy atmosphere. Dominated by an Ottoman fortress, old coral-block buildings surround the waterfront center of town.
The comfortable resorts are some 5 to 30 kilometers away from Al-Quseir’s center, along the coastline with stunning views of the sea and easy access to the reefs. This is a place for romantics, who prefer quiet evenings on the beach accompanied by the lapping of the waves against the shore.

Dahab_surfer_ISSinai peninsula Red Sea coast

DAHAB (Our Sinai Safaris start from Dahab)
About 80 km north of Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab is a site formed by a promontory that divides two bays, Quara and Ghazala. The bay of Ghazala is less broad and shallower than the Bay of Qura, and its shores are covered with an exceedingly fine goldenyellow sand that seems to have been the source of the name Dahab, "gold" in the Bedouin tongue. An extensive palm grove borders the beach of Ghazala, creating a landscape of great beauty. The local Bedouins have been extremely canny in exploiting the resort potential of their site. They have built a vast number of small restaurants and hotels along the bay of Assalah. This way they have managed to retain Dahab's original picturesque character. Dahab is one of the best places for windsurfing and boasts some of the most beautiful spots for diving and snorkeling.

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